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Thank you and Calendar - Grand Knight

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I wanted to thank Father Tom and all the brothers that came to the meeting this week. Father Tom was there in his role as our Chaplin and to show us support and give a brief on events and plans for the parish. Our new District Deputy Pat Russek also attended and gave a short brief on the plans for a new council in Fulshear. If you are interested (in Fulshear) I am taking names of those who may consider transferring, so send me an e-mail.

Below is the calendar that was discussed and reviewed, it will form the basis of our budget. In the meeting we voted and approved a donation to the church for the purchase of the Monstrance in the amount of $1500. We will cut the check to the church when Father Tom is ready to make the purchase.

It will be an exciting year and I look forward to working with you all.

Terren Roark, GK

Schedule of Events
KC9759 Fiscal í14-15

July 2014
Donuts N/A
Food Drive N/A
Officers Meeting N/A
Audit 07-19
Council Meeting 07-21

August 2014

Breakfast for Father Thomas 08-10
Donuts 08-03 Sun
Food Drive 08-03 Sun
Officers Meeting 08-04 Mon
Council Meeting 08-18 Mon
KC Bingo 08-01 (Bill)
KC Bingo 08-15 (Raymond)


Officers Meeting 09-01 Mon (Verify Church is open)
Donuts 09-07 Sun
KC Breakfast 09-14
Council Meeting 09-15 Mon
Parish Family meal (1) 09-20
Membership Drive 09-27/28
KC Bingo 09-05 (Mike)
KC Bingo 09-19 (Gene)


Donuts 10-05 Sun
Food Drive 10-05 Sun
Officers Meeting 10-06 Mon
KC Family Picnic 10-12
Bulletin Flyer-Brisket sale (Tamales?) 10-18
Knight in a day 10-18
Council Meeting 10-20 Mon
Brisket pre-sale 10-25
Menís Retreat 10-???
KC Bingo 10-03 (Bill)
KC Bingo 10-17 (Raymond)


Brisket Prep-Cook 11-01 Sat
Brisket Sale 11-02 Sun
Donuts 11-02 Sun
Officers Meeting 11-03 Mon
Top Golf Ė Parish Family Event 11-08 Sat
Veteranís Day Cake/KC Breakfast 11-9 Sun
Tamales Sales 11-??? Sat-Sun
Council Meeting 11-17 Mon
KC Bingo 11-07 (Mike)
KC Bingo 11-21 (Gene)


Officers Meeting 12-01 Mon
Frosty Fest 12-6 Sat
Donuts 12-07 Sun
Food Drive 12-07 Sun
Parish family meal (2) (Advent) 12-13
Tamales Sale ?? 12-???? Sat-Sun
Christmas Social (Council-sub) 12-14 Sun
New Yearís Eve Dance 12-31 Wed???
KC Bingo 12-

January 2015

KC B-fast/Donuts (Fest of the Epiphany) 01-04 Sun
Officers Meeting 01-05 Mon
Bulletin Flyer-Super Bowl Cook 01-04/05 Sat-Sun
Super Bowl Cook Pre-sale 01-10/11 Sat-Sun
Super Bowl Cook Pre-sale 01-17/18 Sat-Sun
Parish Family meal(3) 01-17 (Tentive)
Council Meeting 01-19 Mon
Super Bowl Cook Pre-sale 01-24/25 Sat-Sun
Clergy Appreciation Night 01-??
Super Bowl Prep-Cook 01-31 Sat
KC Bingo
KC Bingo


Super Bowl Cook-Sale 02-01 Sun
Donuts 02-01 Sun
Food Drive 02-01 Sun
Officers Meeting 02-02 Mon
Wives Apprec Dinner 02-15 Sun
Council Meeting 02-16 Mon
Lenten Fish Fry #1 02-20 Fri
Lenten Fish Fry #2 02-27 Fri
KC Bingo
KC Bingo


Donuts 03-01 Sun
Officers Meeting 03-02 Mon
Lenten Fish Fry #3 03-06 Fri
Lenten Fish Fry #4 03-13 Fri
Council Meeting 03-16 Mon
Lenten Fish Fry #5 03-20 Fri
Lenten Fish Fry #6 03-27 Fri
KC Bingo
KC Bingo


Donuts 04-05 Sun
Food Drive 04-05 Sun
Officers Meeting 04-06 Mon
Parish Family Meal (4) 04-18 Sat
Council Meeting 04-20 Mon
State Convention TBA
KC Bingo
KC Bingo


Scholarship Interviews 05-2/3 Fri-Sat
Donuts 05-03 Sun
Officers Meeting 05-04 Monday
Casino Night (with Other Council?) 05-09 Sat
Baby Bottle Drive 05-09/10 Sat-Sun
Tamales 05-??? Sat-Sun
Council Meeting/Elections 05-18 Mon
KC Breakfast 05-31
KC Bingo
KC Bingo


Officers Meeting 06-01 Mon
Donuts 06-07 Sun
Food Drive 06-07 Sun
Council Meeting 06-15 Mon
Officers Installation-Dinner 06-20 Sat
Baby Bottle - pick up 06-20/21 Sat/Sun
KC Bingo
KC Bingo

Council 9759



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